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Steve Tesse We were good friends in the late 90s. I want to see how live has treated you the past twenty years. I miss you and ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-11-21
looking for old friend Nancy David (maiden name)...from Edmonton hi BC, thought I would give this a shot.  I am looking to an old friend originally from Edmonton.  Her maiden name wa... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-26
Looking For Old Friend I'm looking for my old friend Charles , he went by Chuck occasionally and was best buds with my brother for the longe... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-25
Looking for long lost love Krissy Cavenaugh/Kavanaugh Rich C looking for an old lover I had to leave years ago. We used to party at the afterhours club called EVERAFTER , ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-22
Looking for my old friend Betty Moen Looking for my old friend, Betty Moen.  If you're still in Edmonton, please call me at the same old number.  The last... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-20
looking for sandy keylor where are you Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-18
hi sandy k. where are you send me an email Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-18
Still looking for LINDSAY ............, Edmonton Have been looking for a long time to re-connect with this lovely lady who was, and always will be, the love of my lif... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-17
Danny Williams Looking for Danny Williams from Leduc. Birthdate is July twenty second, nineteen sixty one. I'm an old friend just wa... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-17
looking for Delores Heck any one with any information on how i can reach my Aunt Delores Heck or her sons Konrad and Alfred please contact me ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-12
LOOKING FOR DARYL GRAHAM long lost friend looking for DARYL GRAHAM lived in sherwood park ab really want to reconnect if you know how i can reach him ok to m... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-10
looking for my dad hello, i am currently looking for my dad,havent seen him in 10 years, his name is thomas william watson(sometimes goe... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-10
Looking for Miles Layten Looking for an old friend Name Mile Layton. He disappeared from Calgary one day, leaving most of his belongings behin... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-09
Ethan Hi Ethan, you were born in 1989 in Ottawa, Ontario. Your family misses you. Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
Miles Layten Looking for a long lost friend Miles Layten. He disappeared one day randomly, leaving most of his belongings behind, ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
Looking for Miles Layten Looking for a long lost friend Miles Layten. He disappeared one day randomly from Calgary, leaving most of his belong... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
my heart is breaking without you... dustin I feel lost without you. When will we ever. Be able to be twin flame soul mates you asked me to move in 2 days after ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
D. Jamieson Looking for Dean Jamieson. Lived in Sherwood Park, AB. Really want to reconnect. If you know how I can reach him, ple... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
Cory Not a single day goes by that I don't think about you. I miss you all the time. Been a long time since we talked. I ... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-07
Looking for Randy Loewen I knew you in 1995. I was 19, you were in your early 40's I believe. We were good friends and I had met you at a loca... Favorites Edmonton 2014-01-06
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